What is vaping?


I guess if you are reading this then you have probably asked yourself “What is vaping”

To vape is to inhale a water vapor, this sound pretty harmless right?

Vaping to stop the urge of smoking is, in my opinion, an easy way to quit cigarettes. One thing to be aware of is that even though you are not physically smoking a cigarette when you vape you are still getting a dose of nicotine.



An e-cig is the device that you use to Vape it is made up of essentially 2 to 3 parts, a battery to power it, a tank of some description to hold juice and an atomizer to create heat.


The e-juice is the element that contains the nicotine, it is made up of several components, these can include PG (Propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerin), Flavoring and a diluting agent like distilled water or alcohol.

E-juice comes in many flavors from tobacco to Menthol to all kinds of fruit. Something for everyone. You can even mix your own juice to your own taste.

When you vape you still get your nicotine fix, you get the throat hit like you would when you smoke and you exhale a vapor that looks like smoke.

The nicotine dosage you choose can be from the strong to the weak, you can lower the dosage over time.

What should I buy?

Vaping for newbies can be a bit of a minefield, there are so many items available, from the basic looking e-cig to more advanced mods, colors, styles sizes, tastes. If you decided to go down the vaping route  I am sure you will find something that suits your style and taste.

Is vaping for me?

Only you can decide that, If you are looking at quitting smoking and have tried other methods like patches, gum and cold turkey and have found these ineffective then maybe vaping can help you quit.