Vamo review


The VV/VW vamo is an excellent, solid built and cheap battery mod.
The 510 fittingĀ  Mod has both variable voltage and variable wattage meaning your vaping will be consistent with whatever at, rebuildable you use.

Switching between modes is easy, by pressing the two small buttons together for 3 seconds it will change from voltage to wattage mode.

In voltage mode, it can be set from 3v up to 6v. In wattage mode, it can be set from 3w up to 15w.

This mod can also check the resistance of your head, by pressing the right-hand button (+) for 3 seconds it will tell you the Ohms of your head.

The vamo comes with an extra section and you can use it in mini mode or full mode.

In mini mode, you can use one 18350 battery and in full mode, you can use one 18650 battery or two 18350 batteries, it is not recommended to stack batteries so do this at your own risk.

You can also check how much battery life you have left by pressing the small left-hand button(-) for 3 seconds.

To turn the unit on or off just press the large button 5 times.

The display is very clear, bright and easy to understand.

It is available in 3 colors, stainless steel, chrome and black chrome.

Overall I would recommend this product it is solid works every time (So far) is easy to use, it looks great and is cheap enough if you break it. Overall I give the Vamo a 10/10.