Vamp vape review


Whilst out and about on Saturday I come across a new shop called Smoke no smoke, so out of curiosity, I popped in to see what was on offer.

They seemed to stock a wide choice of juices so after trying a few I decided to buy a bottle of Vamp vape.

The description of this is.

“Looks like blood, tastes like heaven. This is an exquisite blend of creamy caramel extract with hints of coconut which makes this juice a devilishly good vape. Either an all day, or occasional after dinner aperitif, this blood red beast will grab you like no other.”

I opted for a 30ml bottle of 11mg nic when paying I thought I miss heard the assistant when he said £17.50, I honestly though he said £11.50.

I was right I did miss what he said and it was £17.50 a tad expensive, this puts a bitter taste in my mouth from the off.

The juice itself is a red color, has a nice taste of caramel and a hint of coconut, the amount of vapor is limited in my opinion, pg heavy I think. The assistant was unable to tell me the exact pg/VG content, another negative in my opinion.

I really wanted to like this juice as my first taste in the shop was promising, but after paying the heavy price mixed with the limited vapor production left me a little disappointed overall.

Do not get me wrong the juice is ok and I will vape the whole bottle as I would rather not waste that amount of cash on something I will not touch. But it is just that, ok.

I would also like to say that I found this shop was there to target the novice vaper and a means to extract cash from peoples naivety rather than to help people.

Overall this is an ok vape, not an all day vape and not something I would be happy in spending my hard earned cash on again anytime soon. My advice to the vendor if they come across this post is to think about why people vape, show them some encouragement, train your staff to give proper advice and to know about the product they are selling.

I will be doing a full review on the vendor separately soon.

My overall score for Vamp vape is an OK 5/10  it only gets this score because it is ok to vape nothing more and nothing less.