Absinthe recipe


This recipe is a nice and simple one that is very effective and full of flavor.

It is a strong flavor and may not be to everyone’s taste, But for those that enjoy a strong e-juice. this may be for you.

So simple to make yourself.

This is a nice licorice flavor and it is a great color, it produces a nice green e-juice that has plenty of vapor production.


  • 54mg pg nicotine base
  • 0 nic PG
  • 0 nig VG
  • Liberty flights Absinthe concentrate

This recipe made up 20ml of 18mg nicotine, with 15% flavoring

  • 54mg PG – 10ml
  • 0 nic pg – 1ml
  • 0 nic vg – 6ml
  • Liberty flights Absinthe concentrate – 3ml

I didn’t feel the need to let this one steep at all. Just mix and vape.

This juice is very Moorish a taste that lingers and is really enjoyable after a meal, although I have been vaping this one all day for a few days now.