AGA-T Pyrex tank


The first thing I noticed about this is that it seems slightly narrower than the polycarbonate tank that came with the AGA-T originally.

The tank came well packaged and the edges of the tank are nice and smooth compared to some reviews I have seen where the edges are rough.

Rebuilding with the pyrex tank is no hassle and the polycarbonate tank has been put aside as a spare.

There is no real visual difference between the AGA-T Pyrex tank and the polycarbonate tank, but I am now safe in the knowledge the tank will not crack when vaping certain juices.

Although there seems to be a slight difference in diameter I have not noticed any leakage as yet.

Overall I am pleased with the tank, it seems well made with nice smooth edges, there is no real difference in vape quality, but it is satisfying to know what I have in my hand.

If you are curious about the images, the wick is a stainless steel mesh wick 400 grade. The coil is kanthal ribbon wire giving me 2.2ohms.

If you use an AGA-T then I would highly recommend buying an AGA-T Pyrex tank yourself, even if it just gives you that piece of mind of avoiding a cracked polycarbonate tank.