Absinthe concentrate


I bought this in a 10 ml bottle after hearing a guy in their shop saying how good their Absinthe e-juice was.

Rather than buying a pre-mixed just I went for the Absinthe concentrate so I could mix my own.

The first thing I did was to open the bottle and have a sniff, Buy this stuff smelt strong.

Heavy Liquorice smell but very nice all the same.

The concentrate came in a dark colored bottle so it was hard to see the color.

I could not wait to set about making a mix of this up so decided to make a 20ml mix with 15% flavoring.

This is when I saw the true color of this and boy is it green, I knew the green would raise questions from non-vapers as to.

what it was, and it did. This stuff not only looked good it tasted just as good.

I must say that since making this juice up a week ago I have been vaping it all day everyday so far. The taste is very liquorice but at 15% it seemed just right for my tastes.

It is very smooth and my recipe seems just about right for throat hit and vaper production.

I would recommend if you have not tried this before to knock up a small sample first as this may not be to everyone’s taste.

Overall this is a great product and I will be buying it again soon to get some stock in the house for more mixing, I wouldn’t personally feel the need to mix this with any other flavors.

I will have to change juice soon myself before I get addicted to this stuff.