Pluid Recipe


This Pseudo pluid recipe was given to me by VapinKong on twitter, he compares it to Mad Murdocks radiator pluid.

This one will be a must try for me as I can not get radiator pluid here in the UK.

I would like to thank Brian for sharing this with me, I always appreciate it when people are willing to share.

His recipe is based on a 50/50 PG/VG mix so I am sure there will be plenty of vapor from this one.

He is using flavor art concentrates (Always good). And this mix is for 30ml of juice at 15mg nic content.

  • PG 9.75 ml
  • VG 9.75 ml
  • NIC (100mg) 4.5 ml
  • FA anise 4.5 ml
  • FA citrus mix 1.5 ml

I will be placing an order for the FA anise and Citrus mix so I can make up some of this juice ASAP.