Vapers bad day


I had my parents over for the weekend and whilst talking to my dad he let me know my mom of 59 years has been old by her specialist that she has emphysema.

She has been told that she can only expect to live for another 5 years.

She has smoked all her life and is a smoker that could never give up. she has 5 grandchildren and 2 children, myself and my brother.

After receiving this news I was a bit selfish and when out for a few beers to think things over.

I feel for my dad most of all, he has always relied on mom and to here him talk about making his plans for a life without her upsets me.

It kind of puts things into perceptive for me, it makes me more determined to stay off the stickies and keep on vaping.

My children are too young for me to explain to them about the nana but the time will come that I have to speak with them about it.

There is a link here for anyone who would like to read about Emphysema.

The damage cigarettes do to people is terrible and yet they are still legally sold to anyone old enough to buy them, and once you are hooked you are hooked.

My mom has not spoken with me yet about it, apparently, she would find it too difficult to do and my younger brother is in denial about it all.

Things will get easier and life goes on.

I just wanted to share this here, sometimes it is easier to write something down than to speak about how you feel about it.

I want my mom to spend as much time with my children as possible there is a bit of distance between us but we will make all the effort we can to spend as much time together over the next few years as possible.