Kanthal ribbon wire


I bought this from LT ecigs.

This heating wire is slightly different to your average heating wire as it has a flat edge.

When I have made my coils in the past with standard Kanthal I have always had issue with hot spots.

This wire with its flat edge makes coiling so much easier than before, it makes it easier to wrap the wire to your wick.

The dimensions of the wire I bought are 0.1 mm x 0.4mm and asker making my first coil with it I suffered no hot spots at all.

There is more surface area to the wire so you are gaining more heat to your wick producing more vapor.

I hope you found this review of Kanthal ribbon wire helpful.

On my first coil with this I made a fresh SS wick and manged 5 wraps of wire on the wick, this resulted in a 2.2 Ohm coil.

I can not really say that using this has made the end product of vapor and better, nor can I say that the flavours are any different but what is noticeably different is the ease of making the coil using this product.

This wire is now and will be for along time my wire of choice for making my coils, I do not think I will revert back to standard wire and feel that this will become more readable available for vendors very soon.

The wire was priced at £1.14 a meter and I bought 2 meters of it , I do not think I will need to recoil to often so the 2 meters will last me a long time.

My advice to anyone who builds their own wick and coils to give this stuff a go I am sure you will not look back.