Top Reasons to Turn to DIY E-Liquid Recipes


There comes a time in a vaper’s career where they feel like they have exhausted all the e-liquid flavors in the market. If you have been vaping for some time now, then you must know what we are talking about here. Perhaps you have tried flavors from different brands, both local and in online stores. If this is something that has happened to you, then it is time that you brace yourself for the challenge of making your own e-liquid.

Making your vape juice is not as difficult as you might be thinking. In fact, the process has even been made easier for you with the popularity of flavoring brands like Flavorah. This flavoring brand not only provides you with the best flavor concentrates, but it also gives you DIY e liquid recipes. Clearly, if you have ever used a recipe to prepare a meal before, then you should know how easy it gets to make your e liquid.

So, what are some of the reasons why you should try the different e liquid recipes that offers you?

You Will Be Proud of Yourself

After making your vaping juice that gives you the best hit every time you puff, there is no doubt that you will feel good about yourself. Most people have the wrong impression about ejuices. As such, if you’re patient and courageous enough to go through the entire process, then you should give yourself a pat on the back. You have every right to brag about your expertise once you know how to make your e-liquid.

You Will Never Run Out

Now that you understand how to make your ejuice, the last thing that you want is to run out. Obviously, you will want to make several batches to guarantee that you have enough to last you for a while. If you frequently vape with your friends, it is likely that they will encourage you to make more of the vaping juice.

You Will Save Money

Another solid reason for using Flavorah DIY e liquid recipes is the fact that you will be saving a lot of money in the process. If you can try shopping around for e-juices, you will notice that some brands are too expensive. To be honest, even affordable vaping juices might not be pocket friendly since you may get bored with vaping one flavor. As such, the more you desire to vape a different flavor, the more you spend.

On the contrary, Flavorah e liquid flavors are reasonably priced. The exciting news is that you have the freedom of picking the size that you think it serves you best. For instance, if you are thinking of making vaping juice that is only enough for you, you can go for 15ml bottles. For larger quantities, you can choose between ounce quantities and gallon jugs. Keep in mind that going for larger quantities means that you will be getting these flavors are wholesale prices. Hence, you will end up saving more money if you are preparing vaping juices in bulk quantities.

You Don’t Have to Sweat Over Mixing

One of the main perks of shopping for DIY e liquid recipes is that you don’t have to sweat over how to mix the flavors. A recipe is there to help you do everything from picking your flavor concentrates to mixing and even steeping.

You Will be More Creative

After nailing your first vaping juice, chances are that you will want to try out making unique vaping juice flavors. With time, you will be good at it because you’re always experimenting on distinct flavors from