E-Cigarette– An electronic cigarette is also known as ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery System), it looks like a real tobacco cigarette, it feels a little heavier, however, when you exhale this emulates real smoke but is in fact, water vapor. Most e-cigs use 2 or 3 parts.

Mod– An electronic cigarette that is often bigger than your average cigarette. This is because a mod device has a removable battery that is much bigger and allows for longer usage time before battery recharges. Most of the the time a modded electronic cigarette allows for more voltage to the atomizer or cartomizer. This increases vapor production and less draw. Higher end mods are variable voltage usually ranging from 3 volts and up to usually 6 volts. Any mod that is no variable voltage usually run at about 5 volts which is an optimal voltage for most 2 ohm and 3 ohm.

E-juice/E-liquid- When using an electronic cigarette or as it is commonly known, an e-cig, you may be using a clearomizer or tank cartridge. You will need to use e-juice or e-liquid, in a flavor of your choice and choosing the right one comes down to quality and of course your own personal taste. There are other e-cigarettes which use pre-filled cartridges, and therefore you don’t need e-juices to use these as they simply screw on and when used, are disposed of (please note: when disposing of one of these cartridges, it may contain nicotine residue, so please dispose of the cartridge responsibly)

Tank- A cylinder that slides onto a cartomizer. The tank is a storage for e-juice that gets sucked into the bottom of a cartomizer when it needs it. When using a tank the cartomizers must have either pre-cut holes in the bottom incisions made by the user after purchasing or e-juice will not flow through to the coil making the tank useless. Tank capacities range from about 3 ml to about 6 ml of e-juice.

Atomizer- Also known as “Atty.” A cylinder with threads that screws into an electronic cigarette that houses a coil to vaporize e-juice. The atomizer is the main component in an electronic cigarette because its sole purpose is to vaporize the e-liquid and provide vapor to the user. Atomizers come in different resistances and come in single coil and dual coil atomizers.

Cartomizer- Also known as “cart” or “carto” Similar to an atomizer is houses a coil for vaporizing e-juice. The main difference is that cartomizers are much taller and have a cloth like material that absorbs e-juice allowing for more hits before having to refill. Unlike, atomizers cartomizers are meant for tanks as well which prologs the need to add juice for even longer.

Coil- A coil is the heating device in an atomizer or cartomizer. The coil receives the voltage coming from the mod and heats up e-juice until it’s vaporized. Coil’s come in all different resistances which mean the user must adjust voltage depending on resistance. If you are running 3-ohm atomizer or cartomizer the ideal voltage to be using ranges from about 5 volts to 5.4 volts. For a 2 ohm atomizer or cartomizer the ideal operating voltage is about 4.5 volts. Often times you will see a dual coil cartomizer or atomizer. This means there are two coils the heat up to vaporize e-juice. Just like a light bulb the coil inside heats up to high temperatures.

Bridge- A bridge is found in only atomizers and is what is connected to the coil. The bridge is what is touching the cloth material in pre-filled cartridges and sucks the e-juice toward the coil. The bridge is made up of a cloth like metal material that is easily seen when looking down into an atomizer. If a bridge is broken, dry hits can occur because no juice is getting to the coil and thus, nothing can be vaporized.

Variable Voltage (VV)- An e-cig mod that allows for variable voltage to the atomizer or cartomizer. Voltage is key when using different resistance cartomizers or atomizers.

Drip tip– A mouthpiece meant to be placed on the top of an atomizer which has a big enough hole to drip drops of e-liquid into the atomizers. Also used on cartomizers.

PG- Propylene Glycol, an ingredient in e-juice or e-liquid. Some juices come in different ratios of PG and VG

VG- Vegetable Glycerin, an ingredient in e-juice or e-liquid mixed with flavorings and nicotine.

Throat hit- A term used by e-cig users which mean how well you can feel the vapor going down your throat. A strong throat hit or feel is usually what people want as it replicates smoking cigarettes better. The main cause of a throat hit is nicotine content. PG and VG levels can also play a role.

510, 306, 801 connections – These are all form factors for different electronic cigarettes. This connection really refer to the thread style. For example, a 510 connection has the male threads on the atomizers or cartomizer. A 306 connection has the male threads on the electronic cigarette and not on the atomizer or cartomizer.

Analog- Term used to describe a real tobacco cigarette.

Cartridge- A pre-filled unit that holds e-juice in a cotton like material and that plugs into an atomizer.

Dripping- A term used to drip a few drops of e-juice into an atomizer. Dripping mainly refers to dripping into an atty through a dip tip.

Flooding- A term used to describe an atomizer or cartomizer that has too much e-juice in it. This will allow juice to gurgle through the drip tip and into the user’s mouth. Signs of this area gurgling sound or juice in the mouth.

Leaking- A term used to describe when too much juice has been dripped into an atomizer or cartomizer and leaks through the bottom and gets all over the users mod.

Low Resistance or LR- A term used to describe the resistance of a cartomizer or atomizer. Low resistance describes the coil within the atomizer. Low resistance atty’s are especially needed for 3.7-volt devices.

Passthru- A device that doesn’t run on a battery but instead plugs into usually a USB port in a computer. Some mods will allow on the go battery usage but a cable for also plugging into the computer.

PCC- A term used to describe a personal charging case for on the go charging.

PV- A term used to describe a personal vaporizer.

Starter kit- A term used to describe an electronic cigarette that includes all the necessary hardware to begin vaping.

Vape- A term used to describe the act of smoking and electronic cigarette.

Wick – A term used to describe a material the is used to carry the juice into the heating coil of the atomizer or cartomizer.