PHIX by MLV Review

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The PHIX by MLV is one of the best pod devices on the market. This is a basic pod starter kit. However, it has a lot of outstanding features, which makes it comparable too advanced, high-end devices. You can get the PHIX starter kit at the Ejuice Deals online store for only $19.99.

The PHIX by MLV is a top-quality device. You can tell that it was made to last. The device has a ceramic finish, which feels great. Also, it comes with a diamond-like shape with rounded edges. This makes it easier to hold it in a grip. Due to their size, pod devices are prone to slip from the hand and fall. However, that is not the case with the PHIX.

The PHIX is draw-activated. You don’t have to figure out any settings; simply fix the pod, and you’re good to go. The draw is quite restricted. However, the vapor production of this device is pretty good, considering that it is a low wattage pod kit.

The PHIX measures 19mm by 110mm by 10.75. Compared to other pod devices on the market, the size of the PHIX is average. It is neither too large nor too small. It can fit in your pocket without any issues. The lightweight of this pod device makes it even more portable. The PHIX is very stylish, but it is also highly functional.

MLV’s PHIX comes with a 280mAh battery. The battery can last you for a whole day if you are not chain vaping. You can get at least 220 puffs from the device before you need to recharge it. In case you’re wondering how you’ll know when the battery needs to be recharged, there is an LED on the device that lights up when you take a puff. The LED shows blue when the battery is full, orange when the battery level is around 50 percent, and red when the battery is low.

The PHIX is a closed pod system. This means you can only use pods that are specifically designed for this device. Also, the pods are not refillable. Thankfully, there are many e-liquid flavors to choose from when buying PHIX pods. Each pod can hold 1.5ml of e-juice, which is equivalent to two packs of cigarettes. You can get at least 400 to 440 puffs from each pod. The pods contain 5 percent nicotine by weight. Inside the pods, there is a 1.5-ohm coil with a ceramic wick. This guarantees that you get to enjoy the flavor of your e-juice to the fullest.

The PHIX is leak-free. Also, there is an e-juice window so you can see the level of e-liquid left in your pod without having to remove it.

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