LYX E-Hookah Review

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LYX e-hookah is one of the most unique vape pens out there. This device is not only noteworthy for its appearance, but also for its unique features and performance. This e-hookah by LYX Vape combines the best features of e-cigarettes and hookahs. It comes with a sub ohm tank as well as a water filtration system that ensures you are getting cool and clean vapor. This vaping device is suitable for seasoned vapers and also for beginners. The goal of the makers of this vape kit was not massive cloud production or strong flavor. Instead, they focused on creating a device that will give you a refined vaping experience.

What is in the package

1  Vaporizer 1  USB cable 1  Silicone accessories bag 1  18650 battery metal casing 1  User manual and 1  Brush


The LYX e-hookah has quite an interesting appearance. It has a conical shape with a smooth finish. The device is available in black, purple and gold color. It comes with a nice stainless steel top cap and drip tip. There is also a stainless steel section on the middle part of the vape pen. This LYX e-cigarette is quite small and handy. The dimensions of the device are 45mm by 273mm. It is quite portable. You can fit it in your hand or your pocket easily. It is one of those vape pens that is suitable for use on-the-go. The device has an eye-grabbing appearance, but it doesn’t look like the typical vaporizer that you’ll find on the market. Don’t be surprised if someone asks what you’re puffing on. Overall, this e-hookah from LYX Vape is well built. It is easy to take the device apart and reassemble it. All the threadings are smooth, and its performance doesn’t leave much more to be desired.


The LYX e-hookah is an all-in-one device. This means that the different parts of the vaporizer were specially developed to fit each other. You cannot fit any drip tip or coil head on this device. The vape pen comes with a 0.4-ohm coil head which has a recommended wattage range of 27W to 42W. If you plan to use a different coil head with this device, you have to ensure that it is compatible with it. You can choose to use either a 18650 battery or a 26650 battery on this device. Depending on the battery you use, the device’s battery capacity could be 2200mAh or 3500mAh.

This vaporizer supports adjustable voltage. You can choose between three voltage settings; 3.7V, 3.9V, or 4.2V. There is an LED light that will show red, green, or blue to indicate which voltage setting you have chosen. The battery life of this LYX e-hookah is not bad. If you are not chain vaping, you could probably go a whole day without having to recharge. However, if you are chain vaping it will last for only a few hours. The firing button on this LYX e-cigarette is not very large, and it sits almost flush with the body of the device. However, it is very easy to press, and it is highly responsive.

As indicated above, the LYX e-hookah comes with a water filtration system. You can use water or any other e-liquid with this device. Refilling the device with a liquid is a simple process. To crown all the impressive features of this LYX product, it comes with a nice sub ohm tank. The tank, which is pre-installed with a 0.4-ohm coil head, can hold up to 4.5ml of e-liquid. The tank also has a top filling design. This vape pen comes with several safety features to ensure you are 100 percent protected when you are using it. You can get this e-hookah on the LYX Vape store for only $43.99.