THC-O Raw Distillate by Superstrain Review

THC-O Review

Have you heard about THC-O, aka the psychedelic cannabinoid? If you haven’t, this piece is your doorway. The distillate is synthetically made to mimic the cannabinoids found in hemp, specifically THC. Although the cannabinoid has been around for some time, it wasn’t until recently that it gained popularity. 

THC-O is known to cause psychedelic effects, characterized by hallucinations and visuals. The high it offers can be euphoric or sedative, depending on the dosage you take. Besides its recreational value, THC-O is an excellent analgesic, anxiolytic, and appetite-boosing agent. 

Superstrain offers a THC-O distillate with superior potency, unmatched purity, impressive consistency, and top-notch quality.

Varying capacities

Superstrain stocks THC-O distillate in varying capacities to meet the needs of various buyers. The product is available for both retail and wholesale buyers at affordable prices. So, whether you are buying the THC-O for personal use, to create your own THC-O products, or to retail it, Superstrain is your go-to manufacturer. You can purchase the distillate in 1ml syringes. 

Three times the potency of regular THC

Do you think THC is potent? Try out its synthetic equivalent. THC-O is estimated to be 300% times more potent than Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol. The unmatched potency offers a one-of-a-kind experience that may or may not include visual and audio distortions depending on the dosage. 

Unmatched purity

Superstrain’s THC-O distillate is made in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility by top-tier professionals. The team works tirelessly to ensure that the final product is as pure as possible. The THC-O has a clean safety profile. The company has it tested by a 3rd party laboratory to ensure that it is fit for the market. 

One of the core values of Superstrain is transparency. The company adheres to this throughout the manufacturing, ordering, and shipping process.

Impressive consistency and quality 

Superstrain’s manufacturing process is designed to ensure the consistent quality of each batch of its THC-O products. This means they have the same viscosity, color, potency, purity, and overall quality as the same batch bought six months or years from now. The consistency makes Superstrain a reliable company that you can trust to deliver exactly as ordered. 

How to order THC-O distillate from superstrain 

The ordering process is quite straightforward. Once you have added your THC-O to the cart, click the checkout button (unless you have other products you need to buy). Fill in your contact information and shipping address. Proceed to payment and complete your order. Wait for your order to be delivered in 3 to 5 business days. 

About Superstrain 

Superstrain was founded in 2020 to provide hemp enthusiasts with top-notch products. The company specializes in bulk, wholesale, and retail supply of hemp-derived products Over the last two years, the brand has gradually taken over the hemp scene with its revolutionary products. Superstrain makes Delta 8, Delta 9, and THC-O acetate products that are highly-sought across the United States.