Review: An Introduction to the Number 1 Hemp Cigarette Brand

CBD Review

In every sector, some brands distinguish themselves from all the others by going beyond the bare minimum to create something extraordinary. In the world of hemp cigarettes, TAAT is one such brand. Although TAAT was only launched in 2020, TAAT cigarettes are now available in over 2,000 stores in 20 states across the country. TAAT is also shipping its products internationally to countries like the UK and Australia. 

Now, you may be wondering what makes TAAT unique? Well, the simple answer is that this brand makes hemp cigarettes that you may mistake for regular cigarettes. Although they’re free of nicotine and tobacco, TAATs look, smell, taste, feel, and burn just like regular cigarettes. The secret behind this remarkable feat is the company’s Beyond Nicotine filling.

The people behind TAAT are former executives of leading tobacco cigarette brands like Phillip Morris. Tapping into their years of experience, they identified the fact that the main drawback for people looking to give up cigarette smoking is not just the dependence on nicotine but also the ritual of smoking. Think about it. How many times have you flipped open a box of cigarettes, pulled out a stick, rolled it in your hands, possibly tapped on the filter a bit, then light it, and take a huge draw? Studies show that when you do something repeatedly for some time it becomes a habit. In the case of tobacco smoking, it becomes hard-wired into your brain. This may be why a lot of people fail to quit smoking when they solely depend on conventional nicotine replacement therapy products. 

TAATs won’t give you a nicotine buzz and they won’t get you high. Each stick of TAAT contains less than 0.2% THC which is not enough to produce any psychotropic effect. While you barely get any nicotine from these hemp cigarettes, you get up to 25mg of CBD. If you’ve never used CBD, this cannabinoid is known to produce a calming effect and is often used to combat anxiety. CBD has a host of other health benefits that you can learn about online. 

TAAT seeks to fill this gap. This Nevada-based company does not compromise on quality in the quest to bring you the very best alternative cigarette that money can buy. TAAT uses hemp plants grown in the US by experienced farmers for its products. Apart from hemp, the only other ingredients in TAATs are water and food-grade flavoring. Each batch of TAAT is tested by a third-party laboratory and the company makes the test results available online for everyone to see. To access the lab result, simply scan the QR code on your pack of TAAT. 

TAATs are available in three different flavors. TAAT Original feels like smoking American Spirit Blue nicotine free smokes. TAAT Smooth feels like smoking American Spirit Yellow while TAAT Menthol is reminiscent of KOOL or Newport.

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