Puffco Plus Portable Oil Vaporizer Review

Vaping Review

There are several types of vape devices on the market designed for many different purposes. There are dry and oil vaporizers that work in similar ways. Oil vaporizers are used to vape concentrates, and dry vaporizers are designed for dry herb flowers. Oil vaporizers are popular and can usually be sold via cartridges, which include oils and concentrates. Oil vaporizers are clean and produce smooth flavors. Many brands have different types of vaporizers designed for oil vaping. The Puffco Co Plus brand has one of the best oil vaporizers currently available on the market. The Puffco Plus portable oil vaporizer is ideal for anyone looking to try oil vaping.

The Puff brand is known for producing high-quality vaping products. This brand launched operations in 2013 and was founded by Roger Volodarsky. This company is based in Los Angeles, California, and has a collection of innovative vape products. Unlike other brands, Puff has been issued about six patents for its vaping products. Every product with the Puff name will impress you, and the Puffco Plus portable oil vaporizer is no different.

The Puffco Plus portable oil vaporizer is designed for vaping concentrates and oils like others but works differently. This device is of premium quality and is made using high-quality materials. This device is made to be durable using alloy and other sturdy materials. The Puffco Plus device also comes with a sleek, compact design. This vaping system is portable and can be carried around everywhere. The Puffco Plus portable oil vaporizer is also ideal for discreet vaping.

The Puffco Plus portable oil vaporizer makes for pleasant vaping experiences. This device comes with a mouthpiece that is popular for being comfortable to use. This mouthpiece works as a carb cap, a loading tool, and a splash guard. The Puffco Plus portable oil vaporizer also comes with a coil-less ceramic bowl which is designed to be sealed and works to evenly heat the oils. This process creates a more consistent flow and a much more pleasant vaping experience.

The Puffco Plus portable oil vaporizer is designed to be easy to use. This vape device comes with just three settings that let you choose the right mode for you. This Puff oil vaporizer features an innovative feature, unlike other devices. This vaping system gives you a 12-second head start with a continuous heat mode that doesn’t require simply holding the fire button. And when you double-tap the button, you will be getting a full dose.

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Puffco Plus Vaporizer Features and Specifications

  • Compact and Portable Design
  • Durable Construction / Machined Alloy Housing
  • Fingerprint Resistant Coating
  • Built-In Extendable Loading Tool
  • Built-In Carb Cap
  • 3 Heat Settings
  • Coil-Less Ceramic Bowl
  • Sesh-Mode Functionality
  • Fast Charging / Long Battery Life

What’s In The Box

  • 1 Puffco Plus Device
  • 1 Cleaning Swabs
  • 1 USB Supercharger