Prepaid E-Juice By Broke Dick Review


Prepaid e-juice by Broke dick comes in handy and is one of a kind. With the many e-juices available in the market today, Broke Dick definitely has the best in store for you. The company is located at Somerset Drive, Largo, FL. Its online store also has all the e-juices that can satisfy your vaping needs. Prepaid is definitely the one.

Flavor Description

If it’s a tropical kick you want, this Prepaid e-juice definitely gives you just that. Once you take a hit on the vape, you can right away taste the blueberry and raspberry. As the taste sinks in, you can definitely get a feel of the strawberries and the watermelon with a little magic on it. It’s a refreshing taste and you feel like you are outdoors. The freshness of the taste gives you a sense of relaxation. Prepaid e-juice is flavorful and can make you forget that it’s just juice. The richness of its taste comes in the bottle.  If you love fruits and wants it every day, then the Prepaid e-juice by Broke Dick is definitely worth a try. Get out of your comfort zone and explore the tasty flavor of the Prepaid e-juice. This is just one of Broke Dick’s products that definitely can satisfy your taste buds. Inhale what is good and enjoy the comfort that it brings.

Nicotine Strength

The best e-juices provide you with several options based on your palate. Nicotine strength is the one factor that you look for in an e-juice. That is why Broke Dick provides just that and with their Prepaid e-juice; you get to choose from three categories of nicotine strength. There’s the 0mg, 3mg and 6mg. You choose which one is best for you and it will give you the right amount of what you are expecting.


Broke Dick looks after its customers and provides the best. The company gives just the right ratio in the e-juices. Prepaid e-juice has a ratio of 70vg/30vg which is an average amount for any one. All of us want to get enough of anything and the Prepaid e-juice gives you just enough ratio. You need not worry of getting too much or too less because it is always the average and just the right one from Broke Dick.

Throat Hit

Have you ever inhaled a vape that just makes that your throat hurt? That may be because the ingredients of the juice are not balanced. Broke Dick Prepaid e-juice has balanced ingredients that will give you a mild throat hit. It is not itchy or hurtful to the throat. Balance is what the company wants in all e-juices. With the Prepaid e-juice you get the right amount of throat hit at the same time all the flavors can be tasted in full once inhaled.

Vapor Production

When it comes to vapor production, Prepaid e-juice definitely gives you the right amount of clouds once exhaled. Broke Dick has provided a balanced cloud production for you cloud chasers. This best cheap vape juice gives you what is just the right one. The rich flavor and the average vapor

production can be found in the Prepaid e-juice. It’s also worth it because the clouds do not evaporate right on. They stay longer than many other vape juices. For anyone who is fond of clouding, then the Prepaid e-juice is the one for you.


With anything, we always look at the cost and the quality of a product. Broke Dick can give you the satisfaction of both in the Prepaid e-juice. The quality is already there and the product costs only $22. You see, it’s just the right amount for a 120ml bottle. The Prepaid e-juice comes with a rich flavor plus it also is worth the value for your money.  There are a lot of e-juices on the market, but Prepaid e-juice by Broke Dick is absolutely one of the best e-juices you can find.

You do not need to look far since it is readily available.The best cheap vape juice is available online.  Get some now and experience the richness of its flavor. It definitely is good quality.