Kanger Togo Mini Kit Review


The Kanger TOGO Mini is an all-in-one starter kit, featuring an internal tank capacity of 3.8 ml. It is designed to utilize a direct voltage output to power coils in the tank. The battery that comes with it has a miliamp rating of 1,600 that is charged at a maximal rate of 1A to secure minimal downtime.

Speaking of direct voltage output, this method is based on the coil resistance and battery charge level. It is capable of powering a minimum atomizer resistance of 1.5 ohms. This is automatically adjusted when the on-board chip detects coil resistance. The Togo is based on the Child Lock Organic Cotton Coils (CLOCC) family and ships with a 0.5Ω SS316L coil and 1.0Ω Ni-Chrome MTL coil.

For the Kanger Togo, when a higher resistance item is installed, anticipate a lower wattage (that is, a maximum of 15 watts to be specific). Kanger also suggested that when a 0.5-ohm coil made from 316L Stainless Steel is installed, a wattage of 40 watts will be the maximum.

The Kanger Togo features a small, minimalist LED screen consisting of five vertically arranged LEDs to display the mod’s battery life. Its tank system could be found sitting directly adjacent to the chipset. Its tank is made of Pyrex glass and follows a threaded top-fill system. It uses a Delrin drip tip or a POM (polyoxymethylene), which is a type of thermoplastic or heat-resistant synthetic material. This prevents hot vapor from being absorbed by the material, thereby preventing burning risk to the lips of users whose machines are accidentally or unknowingly set at the highest setting. It also has other safety features including Low Resistance, Low Battery, 10 Second Overdraw, and Over-temperature protection.

The Kanger Togo Mini AIO Kit is ideal for beginners as it is not only very handy (with a size of 76.5 mm by 44 mm by 22.5 mm) but is also very easy to use (a single button operation). It actually requires no adjustments at all, making it a perfect mate for those who do not care about the intricacies of customizing a vape. All you need to do is just fill the tank and allow the coil to be saturated, and then you are all set to vape.

This device also employs the top-down coil system. This means that its e-juice reservoir resembles a cup, preventing possible leaks, although the atomizer coil comes down from the top of the unit. If you want to refill the tank, you need to remove the whole piece (starting from the drip-tip down). Then you can fill to the line etched into the body. If I were you, I would not go beyond that line as doing this will guarantee an e-liquid overflow. The airflow control, found at the top part of the device, can also easily be adjusted. Just rotate the airflow wheel clockwise or counterclockwise, depends if you want to increase or decrease the volume of air.

Surprisingly, the Kanger Togo kit produces good flavor and vapor. But since this comes with a direct voltage output, the battery level has a direct effect on the voltage output. In other words, the Kanger Togo will give you a pretty good vaping experience if the battery is at least 80% of the charge. As the power decreases, the vapor cloud size and flavor also lessen.

The Kanger Togo has a sandy looking texture and exterior coating, making it a perfect grip for its users. Based on the CUPTI and Argo platforms, the Togo maintains the side by side design and integrates a premium textured finish. This is definitely a great device for daily use. You can now grab your own kit for as low as AUD $44.95 at https://caktusvape.com. Colors available are black and red. Included in the box are a Togo Mini mod, a CLOCC (SUS316L) 0.5 ohm, a CLOCC (NiCr) 1.0 ohm, a Pyrex glass, a user manual, and a USB cord.

Some delicious, mouth-watering e-juices will surely complete the Kanger Togo package. If you are a sweet tooth and loves desserts, you should go for the fruity flavors of Caktus Juice. Blends available are Berry Crunch, Tangy Grape, Strawberry, Tangy Apple, Strawberry Cream, Watermelon, and Pineapple. Grab your own 30-ml bottle now for only AUD $15.95 at Caktus Vape.