How to Quit Smoking the Smart Way

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Tobacco smoking is considered by everyone, including smokers themselves, to be a bad habit. However, quitting, for many people, is as hard as a task can get. Many smokers who try to quit consider other options to get the nicotine such as patches which sometimes people realize may not be working for them, then they could turn to inhalers to try and get the feeling of smoking and its nicotine effect which might work for about a minute or two then you are back to feeling nothing, then comes nicotine gum but chewing this thing can give hiccups within minutes of using it.

This is where e-cigs come in to try to help. Many people choose this option only because they might have heard about it somewhere to help with smoking or seen other people using it and had some progress with quitting using it. This is a good decision to take as you can get huge benefits and make large strides using this method to quit smoking, plus you won’t be smelling of tobacco all the time. In fact, you are about to scented like fruits and pastry without the calories with ecigs with some of the top e-liquid flavors available.

The secret behind quitting smoking with e-cigs lies in the nicotine that is added to the e-juices. All e-juices have a specific nicotine flavor that it comes with. Some high enough for heavy smokers and then it comes down a few steps till there is no nicotine in some juices. You can try making your own e-juice to have more flexibility over your nicotine content and allow you to appreciate the vaping experience more. When you are starting you can go for nicotine as high as 32mg and then as you get comfortable with it you start to drop down the nicotine concentration.

You will also have to consider the flavors as this will be a huge way to get accustomed to e-cigs. Some heavy smokers might still want to have the taste of tobacco while others might just want to move away from it. Either way there is an e-liquid available with your preferred flavor. If you choose to make your own e-juice, you might want to consider tobacco e juice flavor concentrates which are used in making DIY e-juices or choose other flavor concentrates. These must be food grade land Generally Safe for Consumption like those made by Flavorah. There are guides online for making DIY juices.

After you get comfortable with using e-cigs, it is time to start cutting down on the nicotine concentration. You start slowly as your body begins to adjust to the reduction and wean yourself off nicotine over a couple of weeks till you can reach zero nicotine levels. Some people get stuck at high concentrations of nicotine for a long time over fears of having withdrawals. However, slowly weaning yourself off prevents withdrawals. You can stay at high nicotine for 3 weeks to a month then cut down for another 2 weeks and the different concentrations. If you feel the two weeks is too short, add another week but be committed to reducing the concentration till you eventually reach zero nicotine.

As said before, making your own vape juice makes it easier to have some control over the flavoring and nicotine content of your e-juice. I would encourage all to try this as opposed to buying already prepared juices. Choosing a nice variety of flavor concentrates to mix in your e juices makes vaping a more enjoyable experience that will not make you want to pick up a cigarette again. Flavorah produces the best food-grade e-juice flavor concentrates that are free from nicotine and tobacco, therefore it will be appropriate at any nicotine concentration without worrying about change in concentration. You can buy it at at an affordable price.