Food Fighter The Angry Munchkins E-Juice Review

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First off, admit it. The reason you probably got this vape juice is that you were so intrigued by its name. Some of you may have not even read any reviews about this because hey, this e-juice sounds and looks cool. I am guilty as you guys, but here’s my review about Food Fighter The Angry Munchkins e-juice.

“Food Fighter The Angry Munchkins e-Juice is a mixed berry filled creme brulee donut that will absolutely knock your socks off!”

Now, who would have thought this is made of donuts? But anyways, The Angry Munchkins is a ridiculously delicious vape juice that will leave you craving for more. It is packed with Crème Brulee munchkins filled with mixed berries and topped off with a healthy dose of condensed milk for some added sweetness. I am totally out of words for these birds!

Impressively, this vape liquid is true to its flavor profile. And thanks to this, you won’t probably look at munchkins the same way again. Vaping The Angry Munchkins is like eating the real deal… no not birds but munchkin donuts mixed berry fillings. Going in, this vape liquid will take your taste buds to another sphere as sweet, sugary glazed taste awakens all of your senses. On the way out, you will definitely fall for the bursting flavors of mixed berry fillings that coat the taste of the glazed donut from the inhale.  The flavor seeps into your mouth and stays there pleasantly for a while.

You immediately will smell the freshly baked donut with some twists of berries scent once you open a bottle of The Angry Munchkins. Truly, this is simply one of the best-flavored e-juices that you will find on the market today. The sweetness is just right and you will never get tired of the flavor. The cool thing is that there is no artificial taste from this e-juice. Although the vaping market is packed with donut-based e-juices, Food Fighter nailed it this time with The Angry Munchkins.

The Angry Munchkins by Food Fighter has a vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of 80/20. This is perfect for transporting enough flavor in the vapor while producing abundant clouds. When you vape, you will definitely experience the nice cool freshness. You will also definitely love its aroma. Cloud chasers like the VG/PG ratio for another reason. Aside from getting a mouthful of wonderful taste, the fact that there is only a mild throat hit allows them to perform several tricks with the clouds. The clouds are thick and fluffy. The perfect type of cloud for performing different tricks.

The sensational The Angry Munchkins by Food Fighter is available in three different strengths of nicotine. Your choices are 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg of nicotine. The 0 mg level or no nicotine content suits new vapers or vapers who do not have any nicotine cravings to satisfy. The 3 mg version or low nicotine is preferred byvapers who are looking for a little bit of nicotine but in a subtle amount. Lastly, the 6 mg level or low nicotine is for those seeking that extra kick or those who are substantial smokers. It is important to note though that finding the right nicotine level is more of a personal preference. And yes, it might require a little experimentation on your end to see which one will work best for you. In the end, trust me, this is all going to be worth it.

With simple and attractive packaging, Food Fighter The Angry Munchkins has a bottle that is clear and a sticker boldly bearing the flavor name. The images printed on the front part of the bottle will definitely remind you of the famous mobile game Angry Birds. Yes, four birds with their fierce, angry faces.

You will also see a few information about the product on the sides. You will not have to worry about spilling the contents since the bottle cap is tightly secured in place. The bottle comes with a dripper style cap. However, don’t let the artistry of the bottle fool you as its content is absolutely mind-blowing. And nahh… you won’t be making an angry face while vaping this e-juice. In fact, this will draw a huge smile on your face. The Angry Munchkins by Food Fighter is available in a 120-mL bottle for a cool price of only $14.99. Shop at Ultimate Vape Deals for the best vape juice prices.