Delta 8 Gummies by Superstrain Review

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The popularity of delta 8 THC has increased tremendously over the past few years. There is a huge surge in the sale of delta 8 THC products than ever before. People around the world are familiar with the Delta 9 THC, the popular psychoactive element in the cannabis plant. Delta 9 and delta 8 THC has similar properties and both of them provide a high feeling. But the chemical properties of delta 8 and 9 are different. The double bond of delta 8 is on the 8th carbon while delta 9 has it on the 9th carbon. Both give a high but the high delivered by delta 8 THC is milder than delta 9 THC.

There are several types of delta 8 THC products available on the market including cookies, nuggs, gummies, brownies, tinctures, etc. Delta 8 edibles are one of the easiest ways to enjoy the amazing benefits of delta 8 THC. Among the delta 8 edibles, delta 8 gummies are popular because of their yummy taste and the fact that they can be enjoyed discreetly. It delivers relaxing, calming, mood-boosting, and sleep-inducing effects. Delta 8 gummies are safe. There is a variety of delta 8 gummies available on the market. Always rely on delta 8 products from reputed manufacturers to enjoy the full benefit of this cannabinoid. If you are going for a drug test, avoid taking delta 8 for a few days as it will remain in your bloodstream for days and show up on a drug test.

Delta 8 Gummies by Superstrain is one of the most top-rated delta 8 gummies available now. These delicious sugar-coated gummies are available in diverse flavors including lime, watermelon, strawberry, and blue razz. Superstrain gummies are of made using only natural ingredients. They use only Delta 8 THC extracted from high-quality hemp collected from organic farms in the US. Each Superstrain gummy is infused with 25mg pure delta 8 distillate. It is available for purchase in three different delta 8 THC strength levels namely 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg. If you have health issues or are under treatment for certain illnesses, you need to consult a physician before taking delta 8 infused products. You can start with low doses and increase the dosage until you find a perfect dosage. It will take around 45 to 90 minutes to feel the effect of delta 8 after consumption. 

Superstrain is one of the most leaing delta 8 brand in the US. All their products are third-party lab tested to ensure their quality and purity. The certificate of analysis for every Superstrain product is available online to show you the ingredients used in detail. Superstrain gummies come in plastic bottles labeled with usual product information. You can choose your favorite flavor and place the order online at You can get a bottle of Superstrain gummies for just $29.99 per bottle.