Cheap E-Juice Blue Razz Pixy Blend Review

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My feelings were a bit mixed when my friend gifted me this Blue Razz Pixy from Cheap E-Juice. She said she can’t get over it and I should give this a try. First of all, candy flavors are really not my bag so I was a bit skeptical. However, after a few convincing chat exchanges with the sender, I finally gave in and wet my cotton. Now, I can’t stop thanking her for giving me this.

The Blue Razz Pixy blend is undeniably one of the best candy-flavored blends I have ever tasted. I have to agree when one reviewer said that its flavor intensity is just perfect. (Yes, I was that skeptical I had to read some reviews first.) It was tweaked to perfection — a little lower than this will result to a total lackluster, giving more intensity will make this hard to pass as an all-day vape.

Opening this bottle is like opening a bag of those blue raspberry candies. The sweet delicious scent immediately starts to fill in the air. Then if you do a taste test, it is as good as it smells.

“Blue Razz Pixy by Cheap eJuice is a Blue Raspberry Pixie Candy flavored e-juice that is just like a familiar childhood flavor that we all know and love.”

On both inhale and exhale, this blend will give you a consistent and pleasurable mix of the candied blue raspberry and sugar all throughout. It is not less intense on the way in that it is on the way out. Such consistency is really impressive. The flavor of the blue raspberry is sweet and very delicious. The vape’s texture also gives you that familiar feeling of bringing a tube of pixie stix straight into your mouth. This is undeniably a dream flavor for those who grew up with the blue raspberry pixie candies out there.

Despite being a candy-flavored e-juice, this is a pretty clean vape. It does not gunk up your coil or atomizers. I tried vaping this until lunch time but my cotton still looks nice and clean. This is another positive point for me.

The Blue Razz Pixy ejuice is a blend of 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. Cloud and flavor chasers alike will surely go running after this vape juice. Flavor is spot on and awesome. Clouds, on the other hand, are huge and dense. It will unquestionably fill any room with raspberry candy scented clouds. This vape runs smooth and pleasant on the throat as well. It does not cause any nose burning sensation and will not leave your mouth and throat feeling dry like a desert.

There are two nicotine levels available for this ejuice – 3 mg and 6 mg. Although this is only a fraction compared with other brands that reach up to 24 mg, both deliver full-on flavor. No doubt about that. Since there are only two choices on the table, I recommend vaping newbies to get the lower one, while current vapers or previous cigarette smokers the higher one. Actually, the level largely depends on what kind of hit you want to attain. So I will leave the decision to you.

Other than crafting a splendid taste eliquid, Cheap E-Juice also knows how to make its product presentable and appealing. Just like its other bottles, the company went for the minimalistic look, making the bottles look neat, clean, and sophisticated. The eliquid comes in a 120 mil chubby gorilla bottle with a child-resistant cap. It has a narrow needle tip to make transfer of ejuice to any dripper or atomizer an effort-free task. The bottle is wrapped with a white label containing comprehensive facts about the ejuice. It includes the brand name, flavor name, size, nicotine level, manufacturing date, expiration date, and the usual warnings.

Overall, the Blue Razz Pixy eliquid from Cheap E-Juice will definitely by my go-to if I am in the mood for a candy flavor anytime soon. When I searched for this and checked the price, I was more convinced of how good this is not only in terms of quality but also of value. A 120-mL bottle of this mouth-watering ejuice only costs $12.99 at (Candy Flavors collection). Shop now while supplies last.