Hidden Hills Live Sugar Bar Disposable Vape: The New Sheriff In The Disposable Industry

Vaping Review

The Hidden Hills Live Sugar Bar disposable vape is the latest release from the well-known company, hidden hills club. It is sleek, slim, and packed with features. The new device contains an outstanding blend of cannabinoids, including Delta-9, THC-P, and HTE. It is a combination that will deliver a high level of exhilaration and as much flavor as possible.

Product Description

The Hidden Hills Live Sugar Bar disposable vape is a high-end disposable vaping device that is extremely portable, performance-driven, and equipped with a bevy of functions, including a 5-click on/off button and an automated pre-heat function. The device includes an internal rechargeable battery and a USB type-C charging connection for rapid charging. The gadget contains a 3-gram blend of Delta-9, THC-P, and HTE, which stands for “High Terpene Extract.” The unique blend was developed to provide great effects and the richest flavor conceivable. In addition to cannabinoids, there are strain-specific terpenes available in a variety of tasty flavor alternatives to try.

If you’re looking for a device that’s slim, convenient, performs well, and provides both the effects and flavors you want, the Hidden Hills Live Sugar Bar disposable vape is the one for you.

Stains Profile

This Sugar Bar disposable vape is available in many exquisite flavors and strains; you will find a favorite different to choose from.

  • Frosted Badder (Hybrid): This hybrid strain has a delightfully sweet vanilla frosting flavor with faint almond overtones. It replicates the flavor of a traditional wedding cake for individuals who enjoy dessert delicacies.
  • Forsaken Fuji (Sativa): A Sativa strain with a fantastic combination of exotic fruits. The combination of fruits is perfectly balanced with one another, ensuring a tasty experience from one puff to the next.
  • Miami Rose (Sativa): A Sativa strain with a floral flavor profile that will please your taste buds and provide a relaxing vape. This finely created combination is harmonized with the smell of fresh flowers.
  • Pink Truffle Sundae (Indica): An Indica strain with a truffle-like flavor profile. The flavor combination recreates the taste of a truffle sundae, providing pleasantly sweet notes to relish.
  • Thunder Milk (Indica): An Indica strain with a sweet vanilla flavor that complements the sweetness of berries. It’s a creamy, vanilla, and berry mix that everyone will like after just one puff.

Product Specifications and Features

Integrated Rechargeable BatteryUSB Type-C Charging PortLED Battery Indicator Light5-Click ON/OFF Button3 Gram Live Resin Sugar Rizz BlendDelta-9, THC-P, HTEStrain-Specific TerpenesDraw-Activated Firing MechanismPre-Heat Function< .3% ∆9 THC

Final Words

To buy your Sugar Bar hidden hills vape, Superstrain is your go-to online store. Superstrain is an authorized seller of all Hidden Hills Club disposable vape products. This particular Sugar Bar disposable vape sells for $26.98, irrespective of the strain you choose to go for.