Ok, so what is an e-cig?

Electronic Cigarettes 101

An e cigarette, or electronic cigarette is a device designed to produce vapor. This simulates the smoke found in traditional cigarettes. The vapor produced by the e-cigarette may optionally contain nicotine and flavorings.

Traditional electronic cigarettes are designed to look like regular cigarettes as well. They are tubes about the same length as a regular cigarette. e-Cigarettes feature an LED light at the end of the device that turns on when the user puffs, furthering the illusion of smoking.

e-Cigarettes are not combusted like regular cigarettes. They do not output the carcinogens and other chemicals that makes traditional cigarettes so dangerous. Electronic cigarettes also do not have the chemical additives such as ammonia commonly found in traditional cigarettes.


e-Cigarettes come in many sizes

Ecigs provide much of the same sensation of inhaling smoke as well as the hand-to-mouth action to which so many smokers are accustomed — without the toxins.

Many e-cigarettes feature a red or orange LED to further the illusion of smoking. Fortunately, e-cigarettes can be had with a wide variety of LED lights on the end from purple, to blue, green and even white.

In fact, there’s not just variety with e-cigarette lights. There is a range of e-cigarettes out there that look nothing like cigarettes at all. These devices are designed generally for better performance and are known as mods. To learn more about mods, check out E-Cig 101: What is an e cigarette mod?


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